Monday, 3 September 2012

School Holiday Deals - The Results

From the previous entry School Holiday Deals ,

The dateline of the deals closed, school started today. The first week of school holiday after Hari Raya he attended the leadership training until Thursday. So from Friday until yesterday we spent time in the back and front yards together minus the two days he spent for marking student exam papers. 

Most of the time when Abu works in the garden, Aidan would always like involved and try to copy what his  father is doing. Actually we have exposed him in many things like garden works and fixing things since he was able to walk on his on. It's always be our wish to see him grows with many skills that would benefit him for the future. We don't want him to just ends up with watching tv or playstation most of the time, inshaallah.  

Let's check out the results...

1. Cut the hedges

                                                                  Work in progress

The results:

The hedges look very short and thin now(i guess would last long before the next cutting due),
 the next door house  is also more visible now, (luckily the house is empty now)

2. Remove the old trellis, make a new permanent trellis at another location,

Work in progress,

The results,
One big and nice permanent trellis for 'the climbers'

3. Help to tidy up and clean our recycling areas, make new compost pit.

Works in progress,

The results,

He rearranged the garden - put the stones at the back, keep the old zincs somewhere else and dig one big compost pit that would last maybe until the next school holiday, inshaallah. 

4.   Make new garden beds by repairing the old beds,

Work in progress,

The results,

2 extra beds...

>>Somehow the last deal - Repair the water tap still KIV...maybe today he'll fix it, inshaallah 

And some other works (not in the deals) he did to tidy up the front yard..

- Repair the driveway to removed an excessive soils on the side, if continuous heavy rain it would flooded with water.

the driveway look much better now

And the excessive soils, he used it to raised my peanuts bed..
look much higher and bigger than before

And also he repaired a patch for me to do my flower gardening (since I told him that I have some flower seeds and if I don't plant the seeds will be expired and wasted)

Previously one big 'crocodile' occupied this place

loosen the soil, now ready for planting

This one is really..really great school holiday gift..alhamdulillah

Knowing that he will be busy again when the term started, I guess all of the works that he completed would be enough for me to manage alone till the next school holiday in December, inshaallah.


  1. everything looks alright..., orderly and ready for great project! Nice to see Aidan coming out and sweat like Dad!!

    1. Thank u very much bangcik or my sifu... & thanks for 'visiting' our garden heheh..


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