Friday, 25 May 2012

Dah Spoiled.....

Who has made earth for you like a bed; and has opened ways for you therein, and has sent down water (rain) from the sky. And We have brought forth with it various kinds of vegetation.). Eat and pasture your cattle; verily, in this are Ayat for men of understanding.  (10:53-54)


This week is not so good week for the plants.... the week that some of them infected by disease... over heated by fertilizer,(ni gara2 Abu Aidan yang suggest siram baja campur air direct kat atas sayuran), and also some of my small sunflowers uprooted by the small gardener...
so sedihla jugak, lepas penat2 jaga pokok ni tiba2 jd cam ni.... 

Yang leafy vegetables nih semuanya pasal siram baja direct atas daun2 pokok...tengoklah apa jadi....very hot for the plants maybe.



 English cabbages,

Chinese green (sawi cina)





Tomato dying mungkin sebab jangkitan penyakit or hujan yang menimpa before days before agak lebat, too much water also they can't cope.


Kes sunflower nih memang menyakitkan hati baru jer 3 minggu lepas semai benih, pokok baru nak membesar dah kene cabut semuanya yang kat bahagian depan nih, sampai kena buat penutup garden untuk tanam balik..., sampai tak daya nak ambik gambar sbb very angry with him...

Somehow syukurlah at least still a lots in the garden still growing and providing us some pure rezq. alhamdulillah.

Like this one,


Friday, 18 May 2012

Vegetables in the Garden

' And put forward to them the example of the life of this world: it is like the water (rain) which We send down from the sky, and the vegetation of the earth mingles with it, and becomes fresh and green. But (later) it becomes dry and broken pieces, which the winds scatter. And Allah is able to do everything.' (18:45)


Sebenarnya dari dulu lagi kami buat tanam sayur sikit2 ni.. then Abu Aidan decided that we should make a proper vegetable garden. So we started last year with temporary green house and few vegetable beds. Then over the period of time dengan weather tak menentu rain, tropical cyclone and flood  so ade yang rosak dan kena built up again this year.

Cuaca kat Fiji ni ada musim panas dan sejuk...(not as cold or snowy like in 4 season countries). so tanaman pun ikut cuaca lah...

If musim panas tu, we can plant kacang bindi (okra), kacang panjang (long bean), corn, kangkung, petola dan lain2 tanaman tropika.

Somehow,  the cooler season period normally started around May till August, varieties or vegetables can be planted Alhamdulillah that suitable for the weather.Macam kobis, kobis bunga, sawi, tomato, brokoli inshaallah boleh hidup subur dengan cauca yang lebih sejuk.

Let's check up vegetables that currently we have in the garden.

Some cabbages,



Long Bean,




English Cabbages,

This batch we've planted in February after the second flood in Fiji, about 3 months age....




Snap bean,

Mostly vege yang ada kat kebun ni not yet ready for harvesting, only some cabbages yang dah boleh harvest, english cabbages yang old batch punya dan pakchoi.. somehow we keep on sowing the seed one after another so that the produce continues..inshaallah.

The rest of other plants are still small, inshaallah will cover in the next posting...

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Our Small Vegetable Garden

'And among His signs; that you see the earth barren, but when We send down water to it, it is stirred to life and growth. Verily, He Who gives it life, surely is able to give life to the dead. Indeed He is Able to do all things'  (41:39)


Alhamdulillah atas nikmat dan rezeki yang Allah kurniakan untuk kita... tak terhitung..

Kebun sayur yang kat belakang umah ni terdiri dari green house garden dan kawasan terbuka. cuaca yang panas kat fiji memerlukan penuh untuk sayur2 terutamanya jenis yang berdaun. kalau diikutkan nak tanam semua jenis tanaman tapi tak semuanya hidup dengan cuaca disini....

Here some of the views of our small garden...

From outside,

Let's take a look inside ...

the first row is watercrest, then leafy vegetable mix like cabbage, silverbeet and chinese the middle we have celery and coriander...some empty beds for future planting, the back we have some english cabbages

Another corner we planted the climber type of vegetable like long bean and petola...

Some tomatoes, snap bean, okra and corn on the side

Malaysian garden we have pandan, lengkuas and kunyit here

some serai (lemongrass)on the side...

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

First of All


Selamat datang / Welcome to my blog ...

This is my first enty eh..tell you honestly i don't like to write.tak pandai menulis pun.somehow when Abu Aidan bought me a SONY CYBERSHOT last week it gave me some ideas of what i have to do with the camera. long time ago i thought of recording all my gardening activities so that i would be able to know the timing of planting. 

...since living in other country u might not be able to get all the veges or food you u used to have it  in yr own country, so gardening is one of the option, where you can plant on your own and see the results.

And here is my gardening companion - the small gardener who's not that much of good helper but he likes to spend time playing outside a lot. 


And it is He Who spread out the earth, and placed therein firm mountains and rivers and of every kind of fruit He made Zawjayn Ithnayn (two in pairs). He brings the night as a cover over the day. Verily, in these things, there are Ayat (signs) for people who reflect. (13:3)

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