Monday, 10 September 2012

Must See Video - Burning of Cane

Sugar is the second largest contributor for Fiji economy. The harvesting season normally starts in May and finishes in December. Once cane is harvested new cane is planted or the same roots are used for the next crop. The photos give some idea of how things are done.

 A month old sugarcane

7 to 8 months old  

After 10 months - ready for harvest

Cane being burnt for ease of harvesting (when the farm has not been maintained resulting in the cane getting entangled and growth of weed)

Harvested cane loaded on rail cart

Rail carts transported to the sugar mill

Harvested cane also transported to sugar mill using trucks

Rarawai Sugar Mill, Ba Fiji Islands

Farm after harvest 

A short video of a  burning cane field. Video also shows harvested cane from some other farm being transported to the sugar mill using rail cart.  



  1. ladang tebu ni projek kerajaan or projek individu?

    1. ladang nie biasanya milik petani2 kak..


Harap maaf sekiranya jejak anda tidak mendapat kunjungan balik yea,..mana2 komen yang berbentuk pertanyaan inshaallah akan cuba dijawab sebaiknya..kalau tak sempat tuh mintak maaf banyak2lah yer..:)

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