Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Capsicum - Failures, Solutions & Results

Planting capsicum is like  a challenging journey to me. Since last year I've been trying to harvest capsicum from my garden. Somehow most of the attempts didn't turn out good. 

So I put the blames on,
  1. Myself for wrong timing of planting (I planted towards the end of hot season), capsicum would be  dormant  plant during cooler season, worse scenarios they would die. 
  2. The seeds that I used - most of the packed seeds I used did not germinate well, old seeds I guess. 
  3. The planting guides that I read, to put the seeds in the hottest spot of the garden, to warm  the soil (soil can be to too dry and will not germinate at all).   

However, I found the solutions for the failures, 
  1. If you live in the country that experiencing cool and hot weather, the best time to plant capsicum is towards the end of cooler season. Somehow in the hot country you can plant capsicum anytime  except during wet season. 
  2. Fresh seeds from the ripe capsicum that we got from supermarket would be better than packed seeds. It germinates faster and give better results (can keep at least for 3-5 months). 
  3. Forget about gardening guides, just plant in normal way like the other types of chili. Sow seeds, watering twice a day (moisture soil would help in germination faster). Put NPK fertilizer regularly after 1 month old (if the plant too young/small it would die) to help for growth and fruiting.
The results,
  • 5 capsicum plants planted 12/6/5 (3 months old) are fruiting now  and can even harvest green. 
  • Another 7 plants, planted a month after also growing good and healthy and branching (soon will start flowering)
Third fruit
 First fruit
Second fruit

What to do with capsicum? 
As topping for nice homemade pizza,salad with nice dressing, vege for fried rice, fried mix vege with oyster sauce and meat. 

Details on the progress : Live Updates - Capsicum


  1. Interesting guide there. Looks like I'm lucky to live in tropical climate, I guest.

    Do the seeds from the capsicum you bought from supermarket viable? Maybe the capsicum you bought was organic and not the hybrid one.

    How many days it took for the seeds to germinate?

    1. That's the best option so far..actually packed seeds also good as longg long their expiry date shows longer period.

      Normally by one week it will germinate from my exprience, fresher seed, faster result.

  2. ummuaidan
    Salam bahagia. Izinkan Pak Temuk singgah. I will certainly be in close touch with your blog - anything to do with plants (and animals) will surely be of interest to me. Ketemu lagi.

    1. Pak Temuk...terima kasih kerana sudi singgah and the interest. hope to hear more interesting stories from pak temuk...

  3. suke2x..lada benggala..ayut dh tanam lada..bru nk membesar..aritu semai byk jd..harap dpt membesar la.hihihi..
    ha..lg 1.daun sup gan daun ketumbar len la kak..ayut nk tanam daun dup tp tak mau idup..kena makan gan binatang.mgkn tupai kot mkn..huhu -_-"

    1. moga besarlah cili ayut..bila akak balik nanti boleh rasa sambal belacan ayut..hehe..mcm mana leh makan ngan binatang dok bandar? hmmmm...mmg daun sup tuh daun parsley atau daun saderi kdg2 orng guna daun ketumbar buh dlm sup..


Harap maaf sekiranya jejak anda tidak mendapat kunjungan balik yea,..mana2 komen yang berbentuk pertanyaan inshaallah akan cuba dijawab sebaiknya..kalau tak sempat tuh mintak maaf banyak2lah yer..:)

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