Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Videos of How to Make a Garden Bed - Part 1

Sharing some videos on how we make our garden bed at home- the simplest way at no costs at all, just small amount of a man's energy and one hour of work.

Actually the garden bed was remake from previous garden bed after all the vegetables harvested. the soil was a bit hard because it was neglected for some times. Prior to the making, some organic composed piled on the bed.

The original garden bed,

Using spade & fork  - tidying up and dig the bed area,  last part -spray the bed with water to soften the hard soil.                                         


Half of work done as at this part, be continued

P/s: please don't follow the gardener in the video who was not wearing  proper shoes while gardening - he couldn't find his shoes.


  1. adoi..sempat lagi rakam2 vedio, ini mesti kerja ummi, apa pun tahniah dan terimakasih kongsikan idea ini.

    1. hehehe.btul tuh kak..manalah tau bermanfaat utk orng lain suatu hari nanti...

  2. assalamualaikum ummu...bestnya dpt kongsi video...:)


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