Thursday, 30 August 2012

Impress your husband by Making McDonald's like Fries

If we live in  muslim country we don't have to worry about getting halal fast food especially McDonald's and KFC's.  Somehow when we live in the country where the majority is non muslims, life would be more difficult especially for Malaysians like us. I remember the first year of my stay here, the craving for fast food like Mcdonald's and KFC was too much. Somehow most of the fast food restaurants here not certified halal by Islamic Authority Board, even for potato fries. 
Long time didn't have the chance to eat tasty & crispy potato fries, make me forgot  about the  taste. Most of the time when feel like eating potato fries, just fry some potato like normal frying and it will give soft potato fries. Somehow, one day when we had lunch outside at one of Muslim's restaurant in town and we ordered some potato fries for the small boy. Took few bites and I realised the taste was different and it was crispier than the normal soft fries they used to serve in most of the restaurants (homemade). 

I didn't ask them how they made it or where they bought it, instead when i go back home with the mind occupied with how do I make the potato fries like that or to dream more - fries like McDonald's. Google here and there, to look for the recipe-all of them not so convincing or quite difficult to follow and need better equipment. Alhamdulillah at the end, i found in youtube (sadly i don't remember exactly now from which tube). I felt like trying that chef's style, so after one attempt - was so glad that I finally found what i was looking for - McDonald's like fries.   

So today, feel like just sharing it..worth trying, inshaallah.

use big & long potatoes to get better shape of fries 

peel, and cut into thin & long  pieces (as good as you can)

soak in tab water for 5 mins to remove the starch

drain to remove water & starch

with hot boiled water- put 1/2 cup sugar, soak for 10 mins

drain &  wipe with kitchen towel to dry it

keep in deep freezer for 20mins

Deep fry for the first round till cooked but not to crisp it (5-7min)

After first round frying, leave it to cool off for some times. When it's totally cooled, again fry for the second time till it become crisp and golden in color. Leave the fries in the drainer/ or put on paper towel to remove the excess oil.  
The fries are ready now - sprinkle with some salt and serve chili sauce and mayonnaise.

Time consuming maybe, somehow once a while if we make good fries at home for our family the good feeling  and satisfaction will be there. Be smart, be creative and impress your love ones with your creative cooking.


  1. Pandai kak masok. Mesti sedap

  2. saya pernah tengok chef Anna Olson masak fries. takde step yang rendam air panas tapi terus rendam dalam air berais. gorengan 2 kali memang dia buat juga untuk dapatkan kentang yang rangup, sama macam kaedah akak tu.
    mesti sedap ni. time consuming pun takpe, janji puas hati dan tidak was-was semasa makan ;)

    1. rendam air panas dgn gula utk rasa manis2 MCD nyer..goreng dia kali tu a must nak dpt yg crispy...
      cr yg akak buat ni mmg the best..blh kata almost 80% close to yg mcD & KFC nyer..heher

  3. dulu kan time masih sekolah ayut slalu bt mcmni.arwah mak selalu ckp,klu nak bt tu biar lebih..jgn mkn sorang..hihihi..teringat blik kenangan tu :) tp ayut takla grg dua kali mcm ummuaidan ajar ni..grg skali msuk jer.hahaha :D

    1. tah..nak buat buatlah byk2 cam akak buat sampai 4 biji..tuh pun tak cukup... kalo nak sedap ...kena goreng 2X baru rangup..kalo tak lembik jerr...kena praktis yut..kan tak lama lg..heheh

  4. Thanks for the recipe! :-) Nanti kena try ni.. tapi hari ni che abang saya pesan, potato banyak tu buat masak dauphinoise style. Heee. Tak pernah buat ni, baru nak try.

    1. kena buat kat umah...lg jimat n blh buat byk2...dauphinoise style tu camaner lak pulak mama..tak pernah dengar..ummaidan nie jahil benda2 cam ni heehe

  5. memang sedap ni, sedap dari kfc buat.


Harap maaf sekiranya jejak anda tidak mendapat kunjungan balik yea,..mana2 komen yang berbentuk pertanyaan inshaallah akan cuba dijawab sebaiknya..kalau tak sempat tuh mintak maaf banyak2lah yer..:)

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