Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Eng. cabbages (comparative batches) - transplanted

Previous entry : Eng.cabbages (comparative batches) - week 1
Sowed on 4/8/12 same time for both batches (11days old now)

Eventhough english cabbage is the cold season plant and they would grow better and healthier during cooler season however that doesn't mean that we can't plant them at all. In fact I've planted them before not in the cool season, it wasn't that bad at all and still produced some results eventhough not as good as during cool season. Some variety like KK Cross, would be able to tolerate in hot and tropical season.

For this comparative batches, I'm experimenting with Eureka and KK Cross to see how Eureka would perform as compare to KK Cross.

Garden beds preparations: -
Garden beds prepared much earlier (a week ago) from the beds of Eng. Cabbages (Racer Drumhead variety)  that didn't progress well, more than 2 months old however the plants still relatively small as compare to those from KK Cross variety planted at the same time. Didn't look like that they will produce something. So we removed all the plants and cleaned the beds.Then, loosen the soils again with haw to make it like one big garden bed.
From one big garden big then divided into 2 small beds to make more spaces that would be enough for plants to grow (would not be to congested).. 
Since we have quite a lot of seedlings to transfer, another bed also prepared from empty bed that we've planted english cabbages previouly (fully harversted)
before remake
ready garden bed

Transfer the seedlings :-
Seedlings are ready for transplant - they are big enough and the third leaves already formed.The best time for transplant would be during the calm and cloudy day. Late afternoon is a good time because plants can recover from the shock of transplanting without sitting in the midday heat and sun.However as for my case, since I would not be able to find time in the afternoon and the garden beds are inside the greenhouse, so still ok for me to plant in the morning . 

Dig the hole using fork or small still that would be enough to bury the roots and 1/4 of the plant (do not cover the leaves). Then firm the soil around the roots using hands. The distance from plants is about 2 span between thumb and finger. I guess that would be enough from the previous experiences and also in the hot season the plant normally would not be as big as during cool season. Finally water the plants twice a day.

Thank to the Almighty God, at the end I managed to transplant 30 small plants in 3 beds.

And the seedlings from KK Cross variety are still have to wait for few more days till they become hard and big enough for transplant.

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