Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Eng. Cabbages (Comparative batches) - Week 3

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- Sowed on 4/8/12 same time for both batches (20 days old now)

- Eureka's batch which was transplanted on 15/8/12 - as of today,

Hot season just started, which means not suitable season to plant cool season vegetables. Only half of the transferred plants doing good as the one in the photo. Somehow still too early to satisfied with that since in this hot season even some bigger plant also would not  survive.  

I think so far about six plants died because of the stem drying out, becoming bad and split from root. I realised even putting enough water also would not help that much, the plants after transferred take longer time to grow stronger and some lasted only for 2 days. Now almost a week after transplanted the plants still look week and difficult to predict.

Batch from KK Cross variety transplanted today. From past experiences, they are more tolerate to hot tropics weather compare to other varieties. Somehow the results would not be as good as during cooler- season.  We hope that this batch would survive better than Eureka's.

I also noticed that during hot season, the cabbage produced much smaller and the outer layer spoiled by the black spots which I believed because of the heat since last year i planted some cabbages during hot season, have experienced the same thingHowever, the insider layer still good and not spoiled at all (except if we keep too long not harvesting, the inside layer too would spoiled),
outer layer
inside layer

Perhaps planting cabbages this time would not be successful till the cooler season arrive again next year, however even with small results, it still better than nothing at all. We'll just trying the rest leave it to Al Mighty.

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