Sunday, 15 July 2012

Jalan-jalan di Tavua Town, Fiji Islands


If all the posts are just gardening, it can be a boring subject for those people who doesn't like gardening that much.. inshaallah will try to add to variety while still focusing on gardening subject.
So in this post is about Fiji town, Tavua. A small town just like Bandar Kuala Kangsar, Perak - not so crowded and peacuful. Around the town - a few restaurants, number of banks, one big supermarket, a daily market and small shops around...let's check out....

Not yet in town, just approaching ....

On the way we saw some Fijian children were playing .. ball i think..

And one old fijian woman were sitting, she looked tired maybe just got back from town after buying something. she is wearing a traditional Fijian dress.

And here we are, almost in the junction
Here on the road side a stall- selling some indian sweets...

And some native fijian were resting at the bench ..if u notice most of Fijians have afro type of hair and elder people they have big size bodies.

On the other side of the road, some chinese shops and restaurants. not as many as we have in malaysia, maybe just like 2 or 3 shops in a town and they customized the products that they sell for tastes and demands of local people cause not many chinese here in Fiji - minority. 

And this man, i dont know he had come in the photo...i wanted to take the photo of area across the road actually...and looked like he was angry or shouting at someone..

And across the road on the other side of the town, the view of Fijian secondary school

And a bus shelter with normal view of Fijian people while they waiting for public transport. they are that much modern people.. still more like native people..

The local bus, with no windows. it's normal for tropical country especially during hot weather, open air is better. and when it's raining they'll pull down the curtains. 

And....COURTS also available here (and almost in every town in Fiji)

Morris Headstroms or MH Supermarket, the biggest supermarket in Fiji. If in Malaysia taraf Giants or Tecso but they are much bigger and have deparment stores, however MH is only supermarket without department more like Giant Supermarket i guess.  some imported goods from malaysia also there (such as Suria Spices, biscuits, tomato sauces and etc...)

P/s : could not take photos much better cause only using one hand and another hand have to keep holding small boy's hand for safety...


  1. terimakasih kongsikan pemandangan ini..saya benar2 menghargainya.Cantik dan memberi inspirasi.

  2. Thanks... ada peluang kita kongsi lagi

  3. Hi, really a great knowledge sharing for me. never heard of Fiji islands before.. indians people are their majority? I am new in blogging. Nice to meet ur blog. OLive

    1. fijian natives are big boned n islander looking and indians were promised better life in fiji from british n taken there to work on fields. when indians got there, they seen it wasn't what was promised n couldn't return to indian because didn't have any money. so thats how indians came.

  4. Welcome..Everheard pacific oceans?Fiji Islands in Pacific..somewhere near australia, new zealand, tonga. mix between fijians native and indian as migrants from india long time agooo.....
    keep in touch ok..tks..

  5. =) I had google to see the actual location of Fiji islands. Really sth new to me! Thanks a lot! Sure sure, gardening is my passion at this moment! Like to read ur post on gardening. keep update ya! Selamat berpuasa!

  6. hahaha..i know..what a small country heh..somehow fiji is famous for the tourism islands...private islands..beautiful..but then very expensive to go and stay...
    wah...don't loose your passion, ok...

  7. ya the fijian are big boned n different looking then indians because they are the natives/islanders. the indians were taken from india by british pple to work on sugar cane farms n promised good pay. but when indians got there, there wasn't any money or whatever it was promised n they couldn't return to indian cuz they had no money. so they had no choice.


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