Monday, 2 July 2012

Kacang Buncis or French Bean


The French beans or Kacang buncis i've planted 3 months ago now didn't  produce anymore  fruit. look like they are expiring.

So i removed all the plants and started to clear the garden beds so that can be used to plant another vegetable. not sure yet what to plant, perhaps cabbages or tomato or some cucumbers. we'll see.

And on the other side of the garden, i've planted some long beans, somehow after sometimes i realised that due to the weather which is not suitable for them,they didnt grow well. not even flowering.

So i've removed all the long bean plants. put some water to soften the soil in order to remake the garden bed.

Then, on 24th June when the bed ready, i've sowed some french bean seeds to replace the long beans. 

Now, after a week the seeds split open and new plants formed.



                                                        One week old kacang buncis or french bean


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