Saturday, 28 July 2012

How many inside?

One Petola fruit - preserved for seeds - more than 2 months ago..

Big fruit actually..

                                                Let's take a look inside, part by part..

 No seed at all..
 Doesn't look like any seeds inside
Looks like some seeds there
Open bigger,

 Some seeds but not much..

 Look closer,
 Much closer,

 6 petola seeds..?

Yes, confirmed 6 petola seeds only..

When i asked Abu Aidan, "guess how many seeds inside this petola?" he said "5"
"Huh, you must have seen the seeds i kept somewhere..", but no way for him to see it cause i hide it somewhere much earlier..(right on top of top kitchen cabinet, would not be able to see )..
"How do you know?".. 
"I used to preserved it many times before, "... oooooo, so there's no surprised for me him..

And for Ayut from LUAR BIASA  blog nice try sis, don't be least we had good time with our special contest..


  1. hahahaha...beza ye berpuluh..klakar je..ckit je upe ye..baru tau.thanks kak bt contest utk ayut :)

  2. tulah..akak pun inga ada at least dalam 20..hehehe

  3. sikit kan...i though would be a lot!

  4. too..very less for me to plant..

  5. Hehehe (^_^) xsangka kan.. kalu beli buah petola, byk jea biji2.. Tp biler nak buat benih tinggal ckit jea..


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