Friday, 13 July 2012

2 months would make lot of differences


Today inshaallah will take a look on how much the garden has changed from 2 months ago till todate ;

This photo taken almost 2 months ago.It was before the cool season started (cool season in Fiji more or less like in Cameron Highlands, M'sia).  We used to have corns, okras and at the back some 'petola' and long beans planted under the trellis. also we didn't put any fence infront yet. not bed raised cause for tropical plants they can managed without raised bed, just plant direct on the ground.

And now, almost 2 month later, much different from before.The tropicals -  corns, okras which were expired and not suitable with the  weather were removed from the site. A some new garden beds raised for cabbages, english cabbages, pakchoi. Garden beds at the back under trellis now are the places for tomatoes, french beans and cucumber (somehow they still relatively very small and not so obvious in the photo). some radishes and small capsicums on the right side of the photo. most of them new crops that we just planted recently.

- The photo below shows the same area of garden but from different angle.

And here, on the side of the green house (outside the green house), from the back we can see some french beans, small tomatoes and 2 beds look like empty but we have some english cabbages planted there and also cauliflower on the right side. When this photo was taken, i've just transferred cabbages and cauliflowers here, that's why they don't look so obvious in the photo.

Now, 2 months later, no more french beans at the back, tomatoes now have grown bigger - flowering and fruiting. cabbages and cauliflowers much bigger from before at 2 months age. and notice that 2 small new garden beds on the right side raised and we've planted some cabbages and cauliflowers there also. and now we have fence around the garden.

The photos below taken at the back of the garden, near the fence. the left photo, taken on 19/5/12 where we had some long beans and 'petola' climbing on the trellis. the next photo taken today - no more long beans and 'petolas' climbing, we had replaced them with new french beans, tomatoes and cucumbers (still very small and not so obvious)

before - 19/5/12
after - 11/07/12

This photo taken from inside the green house on 18/5/12. nearest to the fence we have some small english cabbages, and the bigger cabbages in the middle. on the side, small beds for cucumber but not so obvious yet. and the front beds, small cauliflowers that also not so obvious. 

The latest photo, taken on 10/7/12, we can see much different now. Cabbages and cauliflowers are much bigger and the earliest cabbages become lesser since we have harvested some of them. cucumbers now maturing and started  producing fruits. and closer, some english cabbages from the drumhead variety still small comparatively.The front cauliflowers now almost 3 months old.

The small garden in the frontyard, 2 months ago. The middle plants, already there since long time ago. we've raised circle bed around its and initailly we've planted some peanuts there. however due to floods the peanuts didnt turn out well and was removed. and site cleared for some sunflowers and english cabbages.

Latest photos taken on 10/7/12. now sunflowers growing bigger and flowering. hiding at the back, we have some cabbages 2 months old. notice that sunflowers size don't look same, this is due to some accident with small gardener and again i have to replanting on the front side, that's why they look much smaller as compare the those on the right side.

Know that the life of this world is only play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting among you, and rivalry in respect of wealth and children. (It is) like the parable of vegetation after rain, thereof the growth is pleasing to the tiller...(57:20)

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