Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My obsession is almost over

When i saw sunflower seeds more than 2 months ago in MH supermarket, then i asked Abu Aidan "I'll take this one?" then he said "ok..at least this one we can eat the seeds"..(some men they don't like when you plant flower)

So went back home, started making bed for them, then sowed all the 10 of them. Half way, the small gardener harvest 4 of them (still small plants at that time), then i put fence around them (to guard the remaining)..
When a friends of Abu Aidan came to our house, he said "i dont understand, no chicken,no goat why they put fence around here?" 

Then, again i bought another packet of seeds, planted 5 of them..alhamdulillah with the fences around they survived.

Now the first batch, all of them - bloomed, maturing and soon will be ready for harvest (the seeds), inshaallah.
5 of them (the smallest hidden)
 The 1st flower - one day i saw it was lying down on the ground - broken. not sure whether because of the wind or?

A closer look....
some seeds revealed..
How can I not admire the Creator by looking at this?
Rabbana ma khalaqta haza batila, subhanak!

And now the second batch is taking their turn to show off..

I guess after been through the obsession period lately ..now it almost over... 


  1. "i dont understand, no chicken,no goat why they put fence around here?"

    hihihi..akak kena tunjuk ni hasil bunga kat kawan abu aidan :)

  2. hehehehe..sure diorng dah tgk..sbb weekend ari tu pun ade dtg..

  3. kongsikan cara buat kuaci kalau dah dapat resepi ye.
    Menurut encik Iskandar blog tanam sendiri, kuaci tu goreng bersama pasir.Saya tak faham.Biji bunga mata hari dah banyak kumpul, cuma tengah berkira2 nak buat kuaci ke atau nak buat benih..hehehe.Kuaci berperisa kelapa wangi dan enak.Jom buat kuaci.

  4. inshaallah kat..sy rs cara en iskandar tu mcm bakar lah sbb pasir tuh kan boleh tahan haba...
    kalau benih byk buat kuaci lah..tanam byk2 pun ambik space jgk... ingat nak buat kuaci pedas2 sket


Harap maaf sekiranya jejak anda tidak mendapat kunjungan balik yea,..mana2 komen yang berbentuk pertanyaan inshaallah akan cuba dijawab sebaiknya..kalau tak sempat tuh mintak maaf banyak2lah yer..:)

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