Tuesday, 10 July 2012

How to Grow Radishes from Seed


Radishes are one of the easiest vegetable to grow. the best time for planting is during the cool season. We can either sow them direct on the soil or prepare some seedlings and transfer plants.

Here some simple steps of planting using the transfer plants method:
- prepare a container which some holes being made on the sides and bottom of the container,

- put some soils more than 3/4 of the container (but not full)
- sprinkle some seeds, but not too much just enough to give space between the plants to grow. watering twice a day.

day 1

 - here how they started to split and become seedlings,
day 5

day 3
day 2

- after 5 days, the seedlings is getting bigger and almost ready for transplant. now let's check out how the grow,

transplanted - day 1

day 6
day 13
day 23
day 30

Notice that radishes grow very fast, we can see the changes in plant in just 2 or 3 days.

When to harvest radishes :
- Harvest promptly when radishes are the size of large marbles, before the roots get woody and bitter. Leaves and developing seedpods are also tasty.

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