Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Small Malaysian Garden kat Fiji


In the beginning when i stay here in here, the eagerness to eat malaysian food was high. somehow the ingredients that we normally use not easily available. so have to check around in order to have it at your own place.

Lengkuas, i got it from Malaysian Embassy on the 2nd Hari Raya open house held there while i was here. They gave me lengkuas already cleaned from fridge.. somehow with the will of Allah it grows good until now. the only thing is maybe i use it 3 or 4 times a year...

Pandan i got it last year from  Malaysia Embassy too. the ealier that they gave me was very big plant, somehow it didn't survive long. then i asked for smaller plant,  almost a year now, they multiplied and became much bigger plants.

Serai (lemon grass), i got it 2 years back when i was craved for Kuah Kacang/ Nasi Himpit. Abu Aidan looked around here and there, alhamdulillah one man he met  from  masjid gave for sufficient amount for cooking and planting.

Kunyit, we have quite few plants there but hardly use. just to reserve it in for future use like making some rendang or gulai kuning, inshaallah.

We used to have Halia (ginger plants) also there, somehow they died because of weedkiller by accident.



  1. Ha..dpt tau dh..cite serai tu akak punye cite.hihihi :)

  2. laaa haaii..mengorek gerabak akak yea..hehehe..dia tak give up tuh nak srh akak ngaku cita akak..hehehe

  3. alamak tak sangka pulak akak ada story kat sini..smart btui manusia luarbiasa nie yerrr...


Harap maaf sekiranya jejak anda tidak mendapat kunjungan balik yea,..mana2 komen yang berbentuk pertanyaan inshaallah akan cuba dijawab sebaiknya..kalau tak sempat tuh mintak maaf banyak2lah yer..:)

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