Friday, 29 June 2012

Leafy vegetables


Looks like this weekend will be busy with some wedding of our close family friends  who live nearby... the weeding of their sister's son yang stay in new zealand, somehow for the son, they pilih a girl from Fiji yang baru 18 or 19 kalau tak silap..just finished form 7 last year. so tonight we'll have some doa selamat after maghrib, and tomorrow will go will 'bharat' or rombongan pengantin lelaki to the girl's house, and they'll bring back the girl and in the night again will have some walimah....

So here just small entry about our leafy veges ;

- Sawi or green mustard almost a month age now (they said mature in 30 days somehow till now still small to harvest
- Sawi putih or white cabbages also 1 month age now (ni paling byk sell kat fiji), rasanya sedikit pahit and bau lebih kuat dari sawi

- chinese pakchoi  6 weeks old, taster better than sawi putih and softer.

- silverbeet almost 2 months old, taste a bit ok but not a common vege in the market, saje try tanam.

somehow the best is sawi. but not widely available in the market here..kalau ade pun mahal.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Kebun sayur pada 27/06/12


It's been 2 weeks since the week of heavy passed. now the vegetables growing bigger and also the cool weather helped a lot. 

English cabbages - some harvested, some maturing, some growing bigger, some just transferred to garden beds.
Leafy veges - small amount harvested, some growing bigger, some still relatively small, some just transferred.
This is garden yang outside green house, modified and remade untuk tanam leafy veges. yang tropical plants dah removed most of them.

Small gardener menikmati udara petang while waiting for Abu to come home to have some tea.


p/s: happy birthday to odeen.

Penjagaan Kobis- Letak rumput kering


Letak rumput-rumput kering, jerami kering atau lalang kering di permukaan batas sebagai sungkupan.  Ini bertujuan  untuk mengekalkan kelembapan tanah dan melambatkan pertumbuhan rumpai.  Ia juga dapat mengurangkan hakisan.  Sungkupan yang telah reput akan menambah kandungan bahan organan ke dalam tanah.

So yesterday, i put some rumput2 yang telah dipotong oleh Abu Aidan kat belakang umah dengan brush cutter untuk menguatkan lagi pokok2 kobis dan bunga kobis nih...
                      letakkan pd pokok bunga kobis (elok pada yang umur 2 bulan keatas)
Pada pokok2 kobis yang sederhana besar,

Tp kalau musim hujan tak elok sangat sbb keadaan yang lembap boleh memburukkan batang pokok jika berterusan.


Not totally spoiled


In one of the posts  i did mentioned about one of the english cabbage spoiled by caterpillar.

 Now, after 3 weeks dah matured and today i've harvested beratnya 500g (at least). alhamdulillah still good enough to make nice salad or soup or sayur2.

p/s ; alhamdulillah i didnt remove the plant.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Kotak untuk pokok ketumbar


Long time thought of buat kotak untuk pokok ketumbar ni sbb kalau letak kotak nampak kemas sikit compare ngan open space like this, pada asalnya.

Memandangkan Abu Aidan asyik busy jer so i have to make the box on my own, inilah rupanya box for coriander bed made from recycle woods.

much better and lebih kemas right?


Monday, 25 June 2012



Sunflower nie i've planted 9th May, now about 1 month plus on the front garden ;

Now they are this big,

Closer view,

A visitor,

Somehow, till have to wait for quite sometimes before real flowering....

And here, a small boy requested for his photography session :


Sunday, 24 June 2012

They all like the taste of our bunga sawi (mustard green flower)


Other than caterpillar, i realised some other insects also fond of the taste of bunga sawi.

Like this one,

And this one,

p/s ; long time since i forgot about the interest in photography, and now when i have a simple camera with me, how i wish that when we were buying the camera that time, i should have chosen the camera with better micro features.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Cuci Mata


Cuci mata tgk burung yg tak cuci nih, Kalau kat mesia diorang nih selalunnya berada dikawasan sawah padi kebanyakkannya(kalau tak silap).

Tp kat sini diorang tinggal dikawasan perumahan dan makan nasi jugak....

Cuci mata tgk luar gate rumah,

And tgk another new drawing,

                                                   He said, " aidan draw aidan".


Thursday, 21 June 2012

English cabbages - the batches


We started planting since early of the year to harvest right on time or be among the earliest one who harvest the cool season veges, somehow due to flood and rain, it didn't turn out as expected...but alhamdulillah what ever are provision decreed for us would be will be ours.

- the earliest batch, planted in feb - now 4 month plus, some of it almost ready in a week (alhamdulillah, the supply of local cabbages in market still little till now, so good for us at least)

- 2nd batch, planted in mar, now 3 month plus, now started folding 

- 3rd batch, planted on 20th May at the front garden,  now 1 month age.

- 4th batch, we planted a week later than 3rd batch,

- 5th batch, planted 6th June, now 2 weeks old

Look likes no batch planted in April, maybe we'll be out of supply in between that? wallahua'lam.

So now, time to start sowing new batch....inshaallah.

How much we can save by gardening at home


Let's count how much we could save,based on assumptions that we buy vegetables every week for home supply and the regular veges (based on the estimated vegetable prices in fiji)

1.  english cabbage would cost = $2

2. Green vegetable, sawi or cabbages = $1.50

3. Chilies = $0.50

4. Coriander or celery leaves= $0.50
 5. tomatoes = $1.00

6. Cucumber = $1.00

7. Beans = $1.00

8. Okra = $1.00

Total = 2+1.50+0.50+0.50+1.00+1.00+1.00+1.00
        = $8.50

wow, that much of dollar we can save.....

so, let's start gardening at home now.......

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bunga Sawi


Sepanjang my stay in fiji for almost 4 years, only early this month i was able to eat sayur sawi. that was from the seed yang Abu Aidan got it from one of chinese gardening shop in Suva. I planted it more than a month a go, now we started harvesting it early this month. Almost forgot how the sawi taste and look like.

bunga sawi

Here in Ba, u wont be able to get any sawi from market,even  in Suva (the capital of Fiji), they sell it only once a while but not as regular as white cabbage or pakchoi, also a bit expensive.

So Abu Aidan suggested that we preserve the seed from plant. now trying to preserve it. somehow so far, i didn't see anything look like seed yet. have to compete with insects too...

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Our first Cucumber


Alhamdulillah, finally we got to taste our garden's cucumber for the first time for the new batch we planted this year. Same variety we planted last year in the green house yielded more fruits and much bigger.  somehow, the growth of cucumber also depends on weather, some variety suits well with hot season and some not.

However, still much better than buying from market...


Monday, 18 June 2012

Oh no, not again!


Yesterday me and the small gardening were outside the house, like our usual activity in the evening to do some gardening and for him to play. i was at the backyard and he was playing infront alone.

After I've done with some works at the back and come outside i saw one of of english cabbage broken. oh no, he played grass cutting again there.

What to do? to be angry with him also useless since he doesn't understand much at that age. so have more sabr/ patient. look likes i have to replace with another small plant for that.


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